Environmental Benefits Of Recycled Wood Furniture
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recycled wood furniture

There can be no denying that green is the new black – nothing is more fashionable than sustainability, even when it comes to the furniture used in our homes. If you’re in the market for some new pieces for your home, now is the perfect time to opt for a greener solution – like recycled wood furniture. As well as giving your home a fashionable edge that is truly one of a kind, you will receive a number of environment benefits, too.

  • Preserves Natural Resources
    Recycled furniture is environmentally responsible as it preserves our natural timber resources for future use. In fact, it’s growing popularity has resulted in a decline in the need for new logging – which means that our current forests are safe from being cut down for now. Plus, trees that have more time to grow are more durable, which results in higher quality timber when it does come time to log them.
  • Creates Less Waste & Toxins
    The lumbar that is used in some furniture is sourced from existing structures (such as sheds, barns and so on). Repurposing wood reduces the amount of lumbar that is discarded when it is no longer required for its original purpose. As the timber has already been harvested and treated, reusing it reduces the need for refining chemicals that are often used in the production process (meaning that fewer leach into the soil).
  • Fewer Paints & Stains
    With the popularity of recycled wood furniture on the rise, we have also seen the popularity of a more rustic look take hold – the timber has a tendency to provide a raw or antique aesthetic that is not generally very uniform in tone or texture. As this is trendy look that many homeowners wish to achieve, there is no need to use paints, stains and other chemicals (each of which has a negative effect on the environment).
  • Lower Invested Energy
    The production of any product requires some level of energy. It takes energy to harvest raw materials, ship components to their destination, put them together and send the final product to stores. Most of this energy comes from fossil fuels. This is a limited resource, plus extracting them from the earth and using them can also cause damage. Recycling eliminates the energy needed to harvest and process the lumbar.
  • Prevents Deforestation
    Linking to our first point, recycling wood reduces the demand for new lumbar. This means that fewer trees are cut down, allowing them to support healthy ecosystems. This helps to fight against climate change, the extinction of rare species and plenty of other environmental problems. Keep in mind that trees are a vital part of our ecosystem – they clean the air, their roots prevent erosion and they provide habitats.


When we make decisions that have a beneficial effect on the environment as well as our own lives, our consciences can be clear in knowing that we’ve made a sustainable choice. Choosing eco friendly options, like recycled wood furniture, is the new way of life and you should be proud to join that movement. Not only will your home be even more beautiful than it was before, it will be socially responsible – how many people can say that?